Top 10 Best HDMI Video Encoder in 2021 – Reviews

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If you are looking to have an amazing live streaming experience, then you can make use of an HDMI video encoder. It is in a compact design and allows you to use it for different purposes. An HDMI video encoder offers you many options and can be perfect for video surveillance as well as a video conference. It is suitable for everyday purposes you can have to better advantage as it comes with multiple features. Check out the following list of the top 10 best HDMI video encoders to pick from.

List of Top 10 Best HDMI Video Encoder on Amazon:

1. URayCoder Live HDMI Video Encoder

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This HDMI video encoder is the best device for broadcasting audios and videos. This smart device also consists of multi-streaming outputs. However, this model supports SRT, RTMP, HTTP, RTMPS, and other protocols. This encoder offers output video streaming to four online platforms at once. Moreover, this model provides live broadcasts for Facebook, YouTube, and more.

This device also offers API, CGI, and SDK control protocols secondarily. The OSD settings let you add static texts to the streaming videos. Furthermore, you can use a mobile application to adjust the parameters. However, you can use a webpage to add parameters to the videos.


  • URayCoder technology allows enhanced support.
  • Advanced port design gives multiple streaming options.
  • Ergonomic design allows easy installable options.
  • Advanced designed mechanism gives enhanced compatibility.


2. J-Tech Digital IP Encoder

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This HDMI video encoder converts signals with an H.264 encoder. You can also use this encoder for broadcasting audios and videos. Moreover, this device converts and transmits videos through regular TCP/IP. This model lets you offer live streaming for Facebook, YouTube, and more. Nevertheless, this device delivers firmware updates as well.

You can also install the extender on your home network. However, this extender consumes minimum bandwidth on your home network. Furthermore, this unit works with a VLC media player. The inbuilt web server lets you customize settings, like fps and IP address. This model comes with a remote-controllable web GUI.


  • Advanced mechanism allows multifunctional use.
  • Dynamic support system gives an enhanced performance.
  • Provides an advantage for customizing controls.
  • Easy weight and compact design offer effortless mobility.


3. URayCoder Wired HDMI Video Encoder

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This HDMI video encoder offers secondary development. Hence, this model also supports API, CGI, and SDK control protocols. Moreover, this smart device provides you with a wide range of customization. You can use this tool for firmware customization, logo printing, and more. Nevertheless, this module sends outputs simultaneously on four devices.

The multi-streaming support works with various streaming protocols. This encoder supports protocols like FLV, RTP, UDP, HLS, RTMPS, and more. Furthermore, you can use a mobile application or webpage for customization. This model is functional enough for 24X7 working. The OSD settings let you add texts or logos to the streaming videos.


  • Advanced powered processor allows multifunctional effect.
  • Ergonomically designed system gives multi-format support.
  • Dynamic mechanism provides improved coverage area.
  • 4 output channels support multiple video streaming.


4. ESZYM HDMI Video Encoder

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This HDMI video encoder supports a wide variety of popular protocols. The model also supports video formats like H.264 and H.265 encodings. Moreover, this encoder sends output videos to four devices. The OSD settings let you add texts or logos to the videos. Nevertheless, this device broadcasts live audios or videos to different media platforms.

The encoder also comes with a remote controlling function via web GUI. Furthermore, this encoder is compatible with the VLC media player. This device offers real-time previews from the input devices via HDMI port. However, the inbuilt web browser lets you change fps and IP address.


  • Comes in multifunctional design.
  • Gives the advantage to customize the setup.
  • Ergonomic design provides enhanced compatibility.
  • Support multiple formats for providing seamless performance.


5. DIGITNOW HDMI Video Encoder

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This HDMI video encoder encodes videos at a maximum resolution of 1920X1080p. The model also supports multi-video coding and output. The low bit-rate technology and low-latency function make this device extremely functional. Nevertheless, this encoder runs the encoding process with lower bandwidth consumption. Moreover, this video encoder supports various popular protocols.

You can also use this model for broadcasting live videos. However, this encoder works perfectly with multiple social media platforms. Furthermore, this device converts HDMI signals into H.254 encoding formats. The HDMI input accepts DVDs, DVs, game consoles, and more. However, you can select between the H.264 and H.275 formats.


  • High-performance processor gives support to multiple layouts.
  • Ergonomic design gives the advantage of versatile applications.
  • Dynamic mechanism provides maximum compatibility.
  • Compact design allows easy transferability.


6. URayCoder HDMI Video Encoder

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This video converter works with multiple protocols. The model lets you add static texts or logos to videos. Moreover, you can effectively customize your videos. Nevertheless, you can use this device for putting icons and firmware data. This HDMI video encoder sends streaming videos to four devices simultaneously.

The OSD settings also support customization via webpage and mobile application. Furthermore, this encoder offers API, CGI, and SDK control protocols. Hence, this device provides you with secondary development as well. This video encoding device offers live broadcast streaming and more. However, you can use this encoder with RTMP, HTTP, HLS, and more.


  • Allows enhanced performance due to multi-format support.
  • Gives the advantage to provide customizable control.
  • Provides maximum comfort due to its multi-streaming output.
  • Allows adjusting the output with an App or webpage.


7. iseevy HDMI Video Encoder

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The video converter comes with OSD image management. However, this model lets you add logos to streaming videos. Moreover, the video encoder works with content with a 1080p resolution. The encoding videos run at a maximum speed of 60-fps. Nevertheless, this HDMI video encoder lets you add texts and logos as well.

This device also supports both H.265 and H.264 video formats. Furthermore, you can transmit videos to four devices with different protocols simultaneously. This device makes better compatibility with various popular protocols. However, this handy model is perfect for live social media broadcasting. This device supports HDCP video inputs as well.


  • Gives the advantage to support multiple outlets.
  • Allows you to personalized output setup.
  • Provides maximum comfort with multiple layout support.
  • Advanced powered interface allows seamless transmission.


8.HAIWEI 4K HDMI LIVE Streaming Encoder

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This HDMI video encoder comes with customization services, like physical interfaces. However, the remote controlling web GUI also makes customization trouble-free. The latest video processing technology lets you convert videos at different resolutions. Hence, this encoder is capable of transmitting footage at 4K resolution. Moreover, the smooth bit rate encoding automatically senses video fluctuations.

Hence, this device also lets you automatically modify the video bits. Furthermore, this encoder supports both H.265 and H.264 formats. However, this encoding device uses a lower bandwidth for encoding. This device supports protocols like HLS, RTP, HTTP, RTSP, and more. You can encode footage from cameras, PC, drones, and more.


  • Comes in versatile application design.
  • Advanced mechanism supports enhanced picture format.
  • Compact design also allows the process of effortless installation.
  • High-performance technicalities provide auto-modification.


9. EXVIST 1080P HDMI Video Encoder

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The video encoder runs on Power-over-Ethernet or DC 12-volt power supply. This model is also suitable for video conferences, video games, and more. Moreover, you can use this encoder with different protocols. This HDMI video encoder comes with four ports. Hence, this device transmits video simultaneously to four devices.

You can also insert OSD texts or logos to videos accordingly. Furthermore, this encoder is compatible with live broadcasting, recording systems, and more. This device converts HDMI signals to H.264 or H.265 video formats. However, this device is compatible with private protocols as well. You can use this encoder for CCTV surveillance.


  • Allows you to have multiple broadcasting.
  • Ergonomic mechanism provides superior layout support.
  • Gives the advantage of having multifunctional use.
  • Maximum comfort with its enhanced compatibility.


10.URayCoder IP Video Decoder

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This IP video encoder supports multi-channel decoding. You can also work with different popular protocols. Moreover, you can use this device for decoding multiple types of video streams. Nevertheless, this HDMI video encoder comes with API, CGI, and SDK protocols. Hence, this device works effectively for secondary development.

However, this model also offers different types of customizations. Furthermore, you can use this model for printing logos and firmware customizations. This model provides simple 4-channel decoding at the same time. Nevertheless, this device is suitable for set-top boxes and IP camera encodings. This device supports AAC, MP3, and other formats for audio decoding.


  • Advanced interface allows multiple streaming of video.
  • Provides an advantage to support multiple layouts.
  • Compact design allows effortless mobility and installation.
  • User-friendly design provides the utmost comfort.

Factor to Consider When Purchasing for HDMI Video Encoder

Compatibility: Compatibility is one of the most important factors that you will have to see while buying an HDMI video encoder. You need to see if it allows you to use it with most types of live broadcast platforms including Facebook, Ustream, YouTube, and Livestream.

Easy to Use: Select the one that allows you to have a hassle-free operation. It must not come with any complications and has to be ideal for everyday use. Go for the one that is available in a multifunctional design.

Usage: You need to know your usage and then make your purchase. You will find the one that has the ability to encode hardware, and some of it can also come with a big iron encoding feature. There are many other important considerations that you need to see while buying an HDMI video encoder.

Streaming Capability: You will always have to know the streaming capability and then your purchase. Some of it can stream multiple devices at a time. Consider the one that comes with robust hardware and see if it allows you to build stream on site.

Features: Always go for the one that comes with multiple features so that you can make the maximum out of it. You will have to see if it comes with multi-protocol support allowing you to have better convenience. It must eliminate the need to have any special driver or software. You will have to go for the one that allows you to modify different settings including OSC, resolution, and bit rate.



When you are buying HDMI video encoder online, you should be having some knowledge about the technical parameters. That is how you can evaluate the products better and choose the best one that can satisfy your requirements. The buying guide will be useful for you in understanding the products and comparing them before purchasing.



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