Top 10 Best Mini Cordless Chainsaws in 2021 – Reviews

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Gone are the days when you had to struggle while cutting woods. With a chainsaw, you can cut woods in no time without any effort. It lets you cut woods of different sizes making it ideal for professional and DIY applications. A mini cordless chainsaw will make sure that you have better flexibility, and it allows you to use it from anywhere you want. It comes in a lightweight design and is very portable. You will find the one that can come with multiple features so that you can have a better advantage.

With plenty of options on the internet, you may find it confusing to get the right mini cordless chainsaw. It can have varying features and come in different designs.

List of Top 10 Best Mini Cordless Chainsaws on Amazon

1. morework Mini Chainsaw

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Looking for a strong device to cut your logs and for pruning? Well, here is the product that takes only 10 seconds to do so. Yes, this electric device is compact yet powerful, having quality built. Moreover, the wood tooth design allows sticking it to the tree branches making the cutting process more efficient and easier. It is also very easy to assemble.

Simply tighten the screw provided with the pack, and you are ready to operate. The ergonomic design ensures there is no abrasion and dissipates heat faster. Furthermore, the handle provides a good grip which feels very comfortable to hold. You can work only with a single hand and get different speed levels to operate.


  • Helps to prevent falling with non-slip handle
  • Comes with a high-quality chain for outstanding performance
  • Allows adjusting the tightness of screws for flexible handling
  • Eliminates the need for installing the chain separately


2. CJCGLOBAL Cordless Chainsaw

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This portable mini cordless chain saw is the perfect solution for gardening, pruning or cutting down those tree branches. Yes, the electric tool is very much lightweight that even women can hold and operate it. Moreover, the tooth-like design on the saw ensures it grips the tree branches tightly. Thus it makes the cutting process easier.

There are different cutting speed levels you can operate from. The product is abrasion resistant, and the integrated plate ensures the heat is dissipated quickly. The handle to hold is anti-slip, allowing no accidental damage to yourself. Furthermore, it hardly takes few minutes to install the product, and you are ready to use.


  • Allows having easy controls with the lightweight design
  • Excellent heat dissipation for smooth operation
  • Allows adjusting the speed for better advantage
  • Comes in a unique design with abrasion-resistant construction


3. WEGSD Mini Chainsaw

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To make sure you get smooth cutting, the device is designed specifically. With hardly taking 10 seconds to cut the wooden logs sharply, this product is a definite hit. The portable design makes it a preferred choice as you can use it by a single hand. Moreover, the product is also very lightweight, and anybody can easily use unless they know how to work with it.

The chain saw has sharp tooth edges easy for tree branch cutting. The handle is anti-slippery and provides the necessary grip. Furthermore, the highly built product has different speed levels for cutting. You are also provided with the screws to assemble the electric tool. Once screws are tightened as required, you can operate it.


  • Allows having hassle-free usage and installation
  • Smooth cutting due to the deep quenching process
  • Ideal for saving time and effort
  • Comfortable grip for safe holding


4. Dysel Mini Chainsaw

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It becomes tough to cut the tree branches and do pruning with standard tools. So, to reduce your load here is the product that is electric, compact, and powerful. The mini cordless chain saw is the perfect solution for your cutting woes, and you won’t regret buying it. Moreover, it hardly takes a few seconds to cut down a standard log.

Besides, it is convenient as it is lightweight and compact in size. The chainsaw has sharp edges, ensuring the cut is precise and efficient. Furthermore, you can also adjust the speed levels according to the requirement. The powerful motor is built from copper, ensuring you cut down fast, effortless, and efficient.


  • Perfect for saving time with fast operation
  • Available in a lightweight design for easy carrying
  • Integrated guide plate for maximum heat dissipation
  • Allows having a custom operation with adjustable speed


5. Directtyteam Mini Saw


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This mini and compact electric tool is great for your home gardening, pruning or cutting of the tree branches. As it is handy, it becomes very much portable and easy to carry along. Moreover, easy operational benefits allow women to hold it without any sort of fatigue. It also does not have any power cord to worry about.

As it is wireless, you can easily use it for your outdoor purposes. The multifunctional product has different cutting speeds available for the user to choose from. Furthermore, the handle is very much comfortable to hold, even for a longer duration. The powerful, flexible, and dynamic design ensures the woodcut is effortless, precise, and efficient.


  • Ability to eliminate hand fatigue
  • Highly compact housing for one-hand use
  • Comes with a safety lock switch for reliable performance
  • Perfect for cutting woods of different sizes


6. Laecabv Mini Chainsaw

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This one-hand mini cordless chain saw is an upgraded device with some extra features and functions. The product comes with a sharp cutting blade, anti-slip handle, and robust motor. Moreover, it also has a safety cover flip for the saw for any accidental wood splashing. There is also a safety lock button for that extra security. The main advantage of cutting wood in the dark is by having a microlight mode with this product.

The product does have a motor overheat protection system that allows you to display if the engine is overheated. With continuous operation, it may become so, and once the temperature is normal, you can again use it. Furthermore, the sharp saw cuts the wood in a few seconds very effectively. The grip of the handle is very much comfortable to use, even for a longer duration.


  • Better comfort due to ergonomic design
  • Comes in a serrated design for efficient performance
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy one-hand control due to lightweight design


7. Anzid Mini Chainsaw

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This high-quality electric tool has brushless copper motor providing more output than regular ones. It can easily take the high load and cut sharply without the fear of burn. Moreover, the alloy chain is smooth, quick, durable, and wear-resistant. It also cuts the wood without jamming. The portable design makes it a convenient product. The rubber handle is smooth and comfortable to hold. It is anti-skid, and sweat absorbent allowing smooth operation for longer hours.

The product comes with a chain cover to avoid any wood splashing. Furthermore, you can also use the multifunctional product for cutting logs, pruning, and forest wood cutting. A small heat dissipation hole is provided for effective ventilation and no overheating of the device.


  • Helps to protect from overheat
  • Perfect for cutting different types of materials
  • A powerful dynamic system for smooth cutting
  • Non-slip rubber handle for maximum comfort


8. AchiForce Cordless Chainsaw

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A single-handed mini cordless chain saw comes with a powerful motor and sharp-edged saw. You can even cut down the toughest of the logs, ensuring an effortless job done. Moreover, the product has two automated functions- one for screw tightening without any tools and the other is the lubricating oil distributed automatically via an oil pump. Thus it makes the work much easier, hassle-free, and gives added life to the product.

You get two soft handles with three anti-vibration levels. This ensures you get comfort, balance, and flexibility while operating the tool. Furthermore, the compact and lightweight design prevents any fatigue for long run use. There is also power indication light, various safety protections, and systems for making the toughest of the jobs easier.


  • Comes with a brushless motor for superior performance
  • Smooth operation due to high-quality alloy chain
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Includes a soft rubber handle with sweat absorbing quality


9. Teamoonmy Mini Chainsaw

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Looking for a small wood cutting device that is easy to operate, handy, and effective with the outcome? Well, your search ends here. As here is the product that provides all the above along with other needed functions. The product is a wireless one that runs on a powerful motor. Moreover, it takes only 10 seconds to cut a 15 cm long log.

Use it for the pruning of the branches, woodcutting or gardening. The product is very easy to install with tightening of the screws provided with the package. The dynamic product is easily operated with one hand, and women can effortlessly do so. The handle grip is smooth and comfortable. Furthermore, it is not tiring to use for a longer duration.


  • Ability to deliver excellent performance
  • Allows using with one hand
  • Perfect for having custom usage due to adjustable design
  • The quick operation for saving time


10. AOEIUV Mini Cordless Chainsaw

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This outdoor mini cordless chain saw comes with a powerful motor having an ergonomic design. The handheld product is very easy to operate and handle providing smoothly cut logs. It gives that extra safety while working with wood ensuring no accidental mishap. Moreover, it is also a waterproof and wear-resistant product that lasts longer.

The sharp chain has undergone quenching process, ensuring you get a smooth and effortless cut. Furthermore, there are various speed cutting levels to adjust as per the operational need. The non-slippery handle design is also very much comfortable to hold.


  • Offers smooth cutting with powerful dynamic system
  • Exceptional performance due to maximum heat dissipation
  • Comes in an ergonomic design for better comfort
  • Allows having easy portability with lightweight construction


Factor to Consider When Purchasing for Mini Cordless Chainsaws

Construction: Select the one that has high-quality construction so that there will be long lasting use. You can see if it lets you have maximum flexibility by allowing the tightness.

Size: Always see if it comes in a perfect size so that there can be easy storage. You will have to see if the mini cordless chainsaw comes in a lightweight design for having easy carrying.

Adjustability: If you are looking to have custom usage, then you can see if it allows you to adjust the speed. This will allow you to cut at varying speeds and have a better advantage.

Easy to Use: The mini cordless chainsaw must allow you to have hassle-free usage. Some of it will let you have one-hand use. In addition to this, you will have to see if it lets you assemble it conveniently.

Battery: With a powerful battery, there will be consistent performance. You can see if it can provide the right cordless power and can be suitable for different tasks.

Motor: The one that comes with a brushless motor will make sure there will be an excellent performance. It must have better efficiency, and you can see if it has an excellent heat-dissipating ability.

Comfort: The product must offer you exceptional comfort. For this, you can see if it is available in an ergonomic design. It must also have a non-slip grip and prevent any kind of hand fatigue.

Others: It must come with the feature of a tool-free chain tensioning system. Apart from this, you will have to see if it comes with easy maintenance. Select the one that offers contact metal friction and has automatic bar oiling systems.



There are various applications of a mini chain saw, and therefore, it is a must-have tool for professionals as well as homeowners. There are also different types of these mini chain saws available, and we have handpicked the best mini cordless chain saws. The cordless ones are the most convenient, and they are quite powerful, and you should check all of them before purchasing.




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