Top 10 Best Therapy Lamp in 2022 – Reviews

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Light is a source of energy and can offer multiple benefits. With light, you can make your life happier as light therapy can do wonders for depressing people. Using a therapy lamp will offer you better daylight hours. It is safe to use and helps to improve mood. Therapy lamps are perfect for achieving better focus and sleep.

With light therapy, you can deal with different types of conditions like dementia, depression, and jet lag. It is harmless and emits glare-free light. It gives you the advantage of using it from anywhere you want and includes multiple features.

Following is the list of the top 10 Best Therapy Lamps that will allow you to maintain wellness.

1. Verilux HappyLight White Light Therapy Lamp

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With the ability to offer full-spectrum light, this therapy lamp has a light level of up to 10,000 lux. It makes sure there will be effective therapy and is free from ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the product comes in a compact design and ensures there will be hassle-free operation.

You can use it from anywhere you want, and it comes with a length dimension of 20 square inches. Additionally, it offers multiple benefits and helps to improve sleep, focus, mood, and energy. This is also safe to use and offers natural light therapy. Furthermore, the product eliminates the need for having any invasive treatment, and you don’t have to worry about taking any drugs.


  • Effective therapy, UV-free light.
  • Comes in a compact design.
  • Offers full spectrum light for natural therapy.
  • Easy to use, multiple benefits.
  • 20 square inches length dimension.


2. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

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Available in a sleek design, here is a therapy lamp that comes with 65,000K color temperature. This is in a modern shell design which gives it an attractive look. Moreover, it is free from ultraviolet rays making it safe to use. It comes with a high power LED and allows you to have a custom operation due to the adjustable brightness. Furthermore, this also comes with a memory function that can remember your last brightness setting. It does not occupy much space as it comes in a compact size. Additionally, it also has a lightweight construction so that you can take it anywhere you want.


  • High quality temperature, attractive design.
  • Comes in a modern shell design.
  • Easy portability due to lightweight construction.
  • Compact housing, memory function.
  • Adjustable brightness for user advantage.


3. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

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If you are looking to have a therapy lamp that comes with an extra-large surface, then this can be an ideal product for you. It emits UV-free light so that there will be a reliable operation. Moreover, it makes sure that there will be effective therapy, and you can even adjust the brightness according to your requirements.

Additionally, this features a built-in timer, and you can have better convenience with the tilting head. The therapy lamp offers enhanced stability due to the aluminum alloy stand. Furthermore, this has memory function, and it can rotate in 55 degrees so that there can be enhanced flexibility.


  • Large surface for wide coverage.
  • Safe to use with UV-free light.
  • Adjustable brightness, effective treatment.
  • Rotatable angle, built-in timer.
  • Comes with a stable aluminum alloy stand.


4. Carex Bright Light Therapy Lamp

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With the ability to deliver outstanding performance, this one comes with glare-free white light. It lets you have better flexibility as it comes with an angled stand. Moreover, the therapy lamp is safe to use as this can block 99.3% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. It provides full-spectrum light so that there can be maximum effectiveness.

Additionally, it provides a dose of 10,000 lux from a range of 12 inches that can offer multiple advantages. Furthermore, this can be perfect for improving your sleep, boosting low energy, recovering from jet lag, and improving mood. The product comes in contemporary design so that you can use it from anywhere you want.


  • Comes with glare-free white light.
  • Ability to offer multiple benefits.
  • Offers 10000-lux dose.
  • Blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Suitable for both home and office use.

5. Theralite Bright Light Therapy Lamp

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This one comes in an attractive design and can provide 10,000 lux LED light. It is ideal for lifting your mood, and it can also increase energy. Furthermore, the therapy lamp provides optimal bright light therapy without any glare. This will let you have the custom operation as it features an adjustable height.

You can even adjust the angle to boost performance. Moreover, it comes with four light settings and delivers effective performance. The product is in a multifunctional design as you can even use it as a LED desk lamp. Additionally, it helps to maintain wellness and comes in a portable design.


  • Adjustable height, easy operation.
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Effective treatment with four light settings.
  • High power, wide applications.
  • Ability to offer optimal light therapy.


6. Day-Light Classic Therapy Lamp by Carex

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Here is a therapy lamp that offers natural light by filtering 99.3% ultraviolet rays. This is safe to use and offers maximum comfort. Furthermore, it does not have any glare and comes with 10,000 lux LEDs. The product is also highly durable and can deal with different types of problems including circadian sleep disorders, low energy, winter blues, and jet lag.

Additionally, it comes in an attractive design, and you can even adjust the height for having optimal positioning. It is perfect for improving your mood and is easy to use. Moreover, this includes a diffuser and offers a balanced white light.


  • Prevents different types of disorders.
  • Allows adjusting in multiple angles.
  • Eye-catching design, wide applications.
  • Diffuser for balanced white light.
  • Comes in a durable design.


7. Carex Sunlite Bright Light Therapy Lamp

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Are you finding it difficult to deal with winter blues? Here is a therapy lamp that offers multiple benefits as it delivers outstanding performance. This is perfect for shift work adjustment, circadian sleep disorders, and jet lag. Additionally, this is also flicker-free and glare-free so that you can use it safely.

Moreover, it offers natural light, and it can also provide you energy. The product is very effective, and it comes in a multifunctional design. Furthermore, it serves perfectly for maintaining wellness and offers you superior comfort. This has an attractive look and can be an ideal choice for home and office.


  • Ability to offer energy.
  • Provides natural light without flicker.
  • Offers better comfort, multiple benefits.
  • Comes in an attractive design.
  • Effective therapy, improves wellness.


8. Verilux HappyLight Therapy Lamp

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Providing you natural light therapy, this one is safe to use. The therapy lamp ensures there will be drug-free and non-invasive treatment, and it helps to treat insomnia, sunlight deprivation, jetlag, and shift work. Furthermore, this is ideal for improving sleep and energy and lets you stay focused.

This lets you have the custom operation as it comes with personalized settings. Moreover, this is very easy to use and allows you to select from dual brightness levels. It lets you have superior comfort and offers full-spectrum 10,000 lux. Additionally, this is UV-free and makes sure that you have a happy life.


  • UV-free light, full-spectrum 10,000 lux.
  • Multiple settings, easy to use.
  • Improves sleep with high performance.
  • Ability to offer natural light therapy.
  • Better comfort with dual brightness levels.


9. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

9. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp
9. Miroco Light Therapy Lamp
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Available in an ultra-thin design, this therapy lamp comes with a foldable bracket. It is highly compact and can easily fit in small spaces. Furthermore, this includes a smooth dimmer that allows you to adjust the brightness and use it according to your environment. It is also very easy to use and features a timer of 30 minutes.

Moreover, it includes an LED indicator, and you will also find memory function that can automatically turn your last brightness setting. It lets you have a comfortable angle as you can use it from a distance of 20 inches. Additionally, this is safe to use and is in a complete set.


  • Comes with timer function.
  • LED indicator, memory function.
  • Better comfort, safe to use.
  • Foldable bracket for compact storage.
  • Adjustable brightness with dimmer.


10. Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light

10. Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light
10. Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light
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This therapy lamp comes in an easy-to-use design and allows you to select from multiple modes. You can change the mode with the touch of a finger and have effective brightness. Moreover, it also comes with a built-in timer, and the portable design will let you take it anywhere you want.

Additionally, this includes a foldable bracket so that there can be easy storage. This is also safe to use and delivers superior performance with 10,000 lux. It emits UV-free light and helps to elevate your mood. Furthermore, this can improve concentration and helps to find different symptoms of the work shift, winter blues, and jet lag.


  • Ability to elevate mood.
  • Easy storage with folding bracket.
  • Easy operation with finger touch design.
  • Comes in a portable design.
  • High-performance, 10,000 lux.


Factors to consider when purchasing Therapy Lamp

LUX: Therapy lamps that offer LUX of 10,000 will be an ideal purchase. With it, there will be optimal results, and you will also have to see the light color and the type of bulb.

Light Intensity: The light intensity is an important consideration that you will always have to see while buying a therapy lamp. See if it offers therapy from a perfect distance.

Construction: Make sure that the construction is strong enough so that you can use it for a long time. You can see if it includes a convenient stand so that there can be enhanced stability.

Size and Design: Look for the one that comes in a compact size so that you can use it from anywhere you want. You must also see if it has an attractive look, and some even allow you to use it as an LED desk lamp.

Adjust ability: If you are looking to have better flexibility, then always see if it allows you to adjust the angles. You will also have to see if it comes with adjustable height. The one that lets you adjust the brightness will be a perfect consideration.

Safety: The therapy light has to be safe to use, and you need to see that it can block the harmful ultraviolet rays. Go for the one that does not come with any glare or flicker.

Usage: You must know your usage and then make your buy. Always see your health condition, and the unit must be able to deliver optimal results for different types of problems. In addition to this, go the one that is safe to use.



The light therapy is considered extremely effective in the treatment of certain conditions of depression. Apart from that, there are also certain distinct benefits of light therapy. If you are opting for such a therapy, you should be buying a high-quality therapy lamp, and our team has found out the best possible therapy lamps for you from the online market. All you need to do is go through them and use the buying guide for picking the perfect one for your job.


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