Top 10 Best USB Charging Station in 2021 – Reviews

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It is very common for every family to have five-six mobile gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, cameras, speakers, headsets, and more. If your power sockets for charging these devices are limited, we recommend you to go for a USB charging station. They help you to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously using one power socket.

Although these charging stations offer many benefits, discovering the right options for you can be tricky. With that, we have accumulated this list of the top 10 best USB charging stations that guarantee excellent results.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best USB Charging Station

  • Number of Available Ports: This is one of the essential features that you should look before purchasing a USB charging station. Look at the total number of USB ports that the charging stations have and how many devices can be charged at the same time. Choose a station that has an equal number of ports as your gadgets. Most USB charging stations in the market has three ports and goes up to 10 ports.
  • Power Output: A good USB charging station delivers the right power output to your gadgets to keep them safe and protected from overcharging, overvoltage, and overheating issues.
  • Compatibility and Portability: Look for a USB charging station that is adjustable from 110 to 240 V to enable you to use it anywhere you are in the world. Other than that, it must be light, compact, and should protect your device from scratching or slipping when charging.

Best USB Charging Station in 2021

10. Wyness 6 Ports Desktop USB Hub Charging Station

By: Wyness

Wyness 6 Ports Desktop USB Hub Charging Station 

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When you are looking for a USB charging station which can work for Android and Apple devices, Wyness USB Hub Charging Station will work well for you. It is a 6 Ports USB charging station that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, all kind of mobile phones, camera, MP3, MP4 and more. Ordinarily, this multi-charger station has a cylinder design, and it is lightweight and small in size. This makes it easy to carry at any place.

The Charger ensures fast charging with up to 4X faster than standard 1A chargers. In addition to that, it puts out 30 Watts and 6 Amps total for consistent high-speed charging. It is one of the best-charging stations on offer.


  • Compact and portable
  • Multiple Charger charges 6 USB devices
  • Easy to carry to any places
  • 6 smart identification USB ports
  • Cylinder design with palm-size
  • Compatible with most USB enabled smartphones

9. Sendowtek USB 5-Port Charging Station

By: Sendowtek

Sendowtek USB 5-Port Charging Station


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This USB Station can hold up to five devices and can charge five devices simultaneously. It comes with 1 QC3.0 port with a maximum output of 3.0A and four smart, fast charging ports that with a maximum output of 2.4A. What’s more, this charging station is made with a premium fireproof shell that stands out in over-heat, over-charge, over-current, over-voltage and short-circuits protection to ensure safety. Also, it comes with five short cables one type-c cord, two micro USB cords, and two lighting cords depending on your needs.

The USB Station comes with one cellphone holder that not only charge in portrait mode or landscape orientation but separately put it on the desk. Above all, it will keep your desktop clean and tidy and comes with a one year warranty.


  • Adopt premium fireproof shell
  • Versatile placement devices
  • Charges up to 5 devices in one place
  • 5 mixed cables included
  • Quick charge 3.0
  • Clean and tidy
  • 1-YEAR warranty

8. LB Little Big Smart 6 Ports Charging Station USB Station

By: LB Little Big

LB Little Big Smart 6 Ports Charging Station USB Station

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LB Little Big USB Station can charge up to six gadgets simultaneously. It is a smart option for smart people as it ensures fast charging with enhanced safety. Moreover, this gadget is CE and FCC certified while it is going to protect you and your device from over-charge, short-circuit over-current, and over-voltage. Ideally, this USB Station is universal; thus, it is compatible with Android or Apple devices such as Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, power bank, cameras, cameras, drones, and more.

The charging station has protection against over-charging and over-heating making it safe to use over-heating. After purchasing this product, please be sure that you will be given with 365 days warranty cover.


  • 6 IQ adaptive USB ports
  • FCC and CE certified
  • Set includes six cables inside
  • Ideal for any android cell phones
  • Over-voltage, over current protection
  • 365 days warranty

7. VOGEK 50W USB 5-Port Charging Station


VOGEK 50W USB 5-Port Charging Station

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If you want to purchase the best USB charging station that will charge all your gadgets in your home at a reasonable price. VOGEK 5-Port Charging Station is all you require. It comes with 2 USB C cable, 2 Lightning cable and two micro cables which can charge five smartphones at the same time. Unlike other charging stations, this one has 10A 50W powerful output and will charge five smartphones simultaneously. Each of the ports delivers the right power that is going to meet your devices needs.

The case of this charging station is made using ABS material that does not break or crack easily. Also, it adopts a premium fireproof shell that stands out over-heat, over-charge, over-current, and short-circuits protection.


  • 5-slot USB charging station
  • Adopts premium fireproof shell
  • Has a powerful output
  • Over-current and over-charge protection
  • Made using ABS material
  • Each port provides a steady current

6. veebon 8-Port 60W/12A Multiple USB Charger

By: veebo

veebon 8-Port 60W:12A Multiple USB Charger 

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veebon is a giant in the manufacture of high-quality electronic devices. And, this Multiple USB charging stations is not exceptional. It features eight fast 2.4A Smart USB Ports where each of them recognizes the requirement of the connected device and offer the right amount of current. Other than that, it ensures fast and safe charging to the connected device. Moreover, this USB charger has broad compatibility, and you can use it to charge tablets, cell phones, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, power bank, and more.

With that, this USB Charger features an LCD Display that shows the current as well as charging status of the charging ports. Last but not least, the company offers a 12-month product warranty.


  • Widely compatibility
  • 60w power output for eight ports
  • Fast 2.4a smart USB charging ports
  • Multi safety and protection
  • Safe and compact
  • Clean and organized
  • 12-month product warranty

5. HITRENDS USB Charger 8 Ports 5ft Cord Charging Station


HITRENDS USB Charger 8 Ports 5ft Cord Charging Station

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One of the best USB charging stations option you can find out there, the HITRENDS USB Charger 8 ports can charge your devices up to 5 times faster. It will charge eight devices simultaneously and comes with a portable and compact design making it ideal for home and office use. And yes, this office is much more well-organized and space-saving while charging your devices.

The charging station has multiple protection features such as over-voltage, over-current, over-voltage, and surge protection. Moreover, this station is certified by RoHS and FCC. And finally, it is made of fire-resistance PC shell.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 8 Ports Charging Station
  • Over-current & over-voltage protection
  • FCC and ROHS certified
  • Well-organized while charging your devices
  • Made of fire-resistance PC shell

4. Simicore Smart 6-Port Multiple USB Charging Station

By: Simicore

Simicore Smart 6-Port Multiple USB Charging Station

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Simicore Smart charging station is small and safe multiple charging systems with 6 USB ports which have 10A total power. There will be no more plugging a bunch of chargers or cluttered cables as this USB Charging Station will keep everything in place. Besides, it comes with two micro USB, two lightning cables for Apple and two Type-C cables for Android. The charging system will work with any device and comes with six slots to hold and charge six devices simultaneously.

At any rate, this USB Charging Station will work smoothly with any USB-powered device, for example; Android smartphones, Apple iPhone, eReaders, cameras, tablets, speakers, headsets, and more.


  • 6 slots and 6 USB ports
  • Clean and organized
  • Ensure fast and smart charging
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Over-voltage and over current protection
  • Works with any device

3. Jelly Comb 6 Ports White 4326918524 USB Charger Station

By: Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb 6 Ports White 4326918524 USB Charger Station

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With six USB-slots, this charging station from Jelly Comb can charge up to six devices simultaneously. It has a unique, stylish design and will eliminate messy clutter of wires and chargers, making the place neat and clean. Besides that, the Charger has a power output of 6 Amps, and 30 Watts total and the ports can alter charge output depending on the device you are charging.

The Charger Station measures 4.1 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches making it compact and small thus you can take it to wherever you go. Most emphatically, this unit is versatile to charge a variety of phone models, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG phones, and many more.


  • Compatible many phone models
  • Portable due to its small size
  • Made of fireproof composite materials
  • 6-port desktop USB charger
  • Sleep-friendly led indicator light

2. RAVPower 6-Port USB Charging Station

By: RAVPower

RAVPower 6-Port USB Charging Station 

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RAVPower 6-Port USB Super-Fast charger is suitable for your iPhone, HTC, Nexus, LG, Kindles, Tablets, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, and all your other devices. It is a portable charging solution that is trusted by most customers around the world. With its six 2.4A charging ports, it will charge multiple devices simultaneously while ensuring fast charging. Following this, it comes with a 5ft or 150cm detachable power cord that allow you to place this charging system at any place you want around the socket.

One great thing about this Charging Station is that it is RoHS, FCC and CE Certificated ensuring 100 percent safe charging without short circuit, overheating or overcharging. Lastly, each port will deliver the right power that is needed by the device.


  • Six fast 2.4a charging ports
  • Safe and compact
  • 5ft / 150cm detachable power cord
  • Ensure 100% safe charging
  • Comes with a user guide
  • 18-month warranty

1. Anker 60W 6 Port USB Wall Charger

By: Anker

Anker 60W 6 Port USB Wall Charger

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Finally, we wrap up our list with Anker USB Wall Charger. It is a 6 USB Port charger that can charge six devices simultaneously. Ideally, this wall charger features an Advanced Charging Technology with VoltageBoost and PowerIQ that combine to provide fast charging. In addition to that, this ultra-powerful Charger pumps out 60 watts of power and automatically adjusts to provide the connected devices with an optimized charge.

What’s more, the Charger is UL certified to sure you have complete protection and your devices. Apart from that, this unit comes with extra hook-and-loop strip, 150cm detachable power cord, welcome guide as well as 18-month warranty.


  • 6 port USB charging station
  • Powerful, portable wall chargers
  • Enables simultaneous multi-device charging
  • 5ft / 150cm detachable power cord
  • High-speed charging
  • Worry-free 18-month warranty


It’s essential to choose the right USB charging station that will charge your devices correctly while protecting them from overheating, overcharging, and excess current. The USB charging station listed above are the best and will enable simultaneous multi-device charging. Go ahead and select any of the above-listed USB charging stations and will solve all your charging woes.


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